Thursday, January 31, 2019

2019 Menu Plan

The new Dept of Agriculture thrifty plan numbers are 40 cents per day less than what was allowed in 2018.

That comes out to $146/year less.  Nothing too difficult to deal with.

 I like a challenge and I like beating the numbers.

So, for those reasons, but mainly for health reasons, I am going to try to incorporate more meals with less or no meat.  As we age we just don't need as much.  What's good for us will also be good for our new budget.

So, for meals I will be focusing on:
rice, pasta or potato based
bean based
egg based
low meat

How did we do in January?

Vegetarian     6
Rice, pasta or potato based .   8
Bean     2
Egg .   1, because they are so expensive
Soup.    2
Low meat     4
Regular     8, because sometimes that just happens

Next month I want fewer regular and more of the others.  We will see how it goes.

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