Sunday, January 6, 2019

2018 Buying and Eating Final Numbers

2018 is behind us and here are our numbers.

We were working on a budget of $12.31/ day or $6.50/person/day.  This is the number the government suggests for a thrifty meal plan.  The money had to cover groceries and meals out.

For the year we spent $2222.74 on groceries and $766.64 on meals out.  That breaks down to $$42.75/week on groceries and $14.74/week on meals out.  The combined total is $57.49/week or $8.21/day and $4.11/ person / day, about two thirds of the allotted amount.

We ended up with a cushion of $948.39 of unspent money this year.
Last year's unspent money was $483.08.

Because we have a full freezer and cupboards, I feel comfortable not carrying over this amount into 2019.  Instead, we will start the year with no cushion and build one as we go through the year.

Instead, we will spend the cushion  to help fund the Alaskan cruise we are taking with our children and grandchildren in June.  Now that makes staying under budget worthwhile.

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