Thursday, January 3, 2019

Buying and Eating: December 16-31

For the last two weeks of the month we had $170.45 left of the monthly allotment.

What We Ate:  hotdogs and beans, apple cranberry sauerkraut, cheese bread on rye;  shepherd's pie, cottage cheese and fruit; pizza and chips; leftover smorgasbord; homemade pot pie and salad; Christmas visit to D.C.; Chili and cheese bread; cheese and spinach manicotti; ham and bean soup with homemade breadsticks; turkey in gravy over stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, peas and carrots;  pierogie casserole, mixed vegetables, bananas;  appetizers for New Year's Eve

What We Bought:

Price Rite:  bisquick, bleu cheese dressing, cucumber (2), Buffalo wing sauce, cheese (3)  $8.19

Aldi:  sugar (12#), flour (15#)brown sugar (4#), butter (6#),   $21.31

Aldi:  pretzels (4-33% off), bagels, broccoli crowns (2), raisins, peanuts, almonds ( low carb is coming), maraschino cherries (2), French onion dip (2- cheaper than sour cream), cider ( for vinegar)  $ 22.71

Aldi:  pie crust (2), morello cherries (7), limes (6), avocados (2), gourmet olives (5)  $24.71

Total for Groceries:  $76.92

Eating Out:

Mike lunch  $3.07
Pat's birthday lunch  $24.63
Mike's Birthday dinner. $21.71
Lunch in D.C.  $20.14
Lunch coming home $4.09

Total for Eating Out:  $73.64

Grand Total:  $150.56

To Add To The Cushion:  $19.89

Cushion Total:  $948.39ytd,   $1431.47 over two years

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