Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Frugal Things In January

1.  Using up items from the stockpile.  My freezer is FULL!

2.  Fixing the kitchen sink faucet with items we had on hand.

3.  Making homemade cherry liqueur and almond liqueur with brandy and vodka  to use to make homemade cocktail cherries.

4.  Using the last Costco coupon to get twelve pounds of chicken, two whole, for just over $3.00.

5. Staying out of the grocery stores so I wouldn't be tempted to add to the stockpile rather than use it up.

6.  Fixing the frames of my glasses with super glue.  They only need to last a few weeks until I can get new ones.

7.  Sourcing two items of clothing from a thrift store saving money and Mother Earth.

8.  Using a $5 coupon, and a 40% off coupon at Michaels to buy wicks for making candles.  Final cost was  $1.47 for 12 wicks.  I saved a total of $6.60.

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