Monday, March 4, 2019

February 16-28 and the Menu Plan

We have a week of Low carb represented so we are protein heavy.  But it works for us.

Low Meat:  tortilla pizza, tuna pasta bake (2) potato,sauerkraut and kielbasa casserole (2), eggplant Parmesan with meat sauce (2); Philly cheese steak tortilla pizza; turkey broccoli casserole and green beans

Regular meat:  sliced pork with mustard sauce; Philly cheese steak wrap

Eggs:  eggs Benedict; cheeseburger quiche

Low Meat:  9
Regular Meat:  2
Eggs:  2

Final numbers:
Low Meat:  11
Regular Meat:  2

Things are skewed due to the low carb diet.
But all things considered, I'll take it.

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