Friday, March 15, 2019

Buying and Eating: March 1-15

Allocation:  $369.21
Cushion:  $432.70

What We Ate:

Still doing low carb for the first week.
Leftover cheeseburger quiche; chicken breast with creamy roasted red pepper sauce; steak, sauteed mushrooms and onion, asparagus, salad; Asian marinated pork chops, stir fry vegetables and Chinese onion pancake; leftovers; fish and vegetables; steak salad and cheese bread; leftover risk and vegetables; Vegetarian split pea soup; lentil bacon soup, tvp chili, vegetable soup; chef salad; broccoli chicken and cheese casserole; eggplant Parmesan; fish butter beans, spinach, salad

What We Bought:

Stir fry frozen vegetables, asperagus, Romaine lettuce, cheese (2)  $10.45

Sam's Club:  maple syrup,  stuffed olives $18.26

Giant Eagle:  Coke Zero free with coupon

Aldi:  ice cream, yoghurt, saltines  $4.39

Price Rite:  coffee (5), salt cilantro, plum tomatoes, carrots (5#), cantaloupe (2), shredded cheese (3)$20.12

Tops:  eggs (3), cabbage,lettuce$3.91

Vitacost:  instant coconut milk, unsweetened coconut .$ 8.53

Giant Eagle:  frozen vegetables (10) , canned vegetables (11)  $0.39 after a $15 gift card from having a prescription filled was deducted.

Total Groceries:  $66.05

Eating Out:

Mike trivia night  $6

Grand Total:  $72.05

Allotment for the next two weeks:  $297.16

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