Saturday, March 9, 2019

February's Breakfasts

Most of our  lunches are dinner leftovers.  Very economical.

But breakfasts can become expensive if your go to is cold cereal.  If you buy it at $3.50 a box, with the box giving you ten SMALL servings, your breakfast is thirty five cents per person.

You can eat for five to ten cents with a little forethought.

You can have variety and save at least $100a year \ person towards a vacation or something fun.

To  give you ideas, here are our breakfasts for February:

1.  Homemade Pancakes from the freezer reheated in the toaster
2.  Homemade  Leftover coffee cake
3.  Eggs, and toast,  I found eggs at 89cents \ dozen or 7 cents\ egg
4.  Homemade leftover banana bread
5.  Oatmeal
6.  Blueberry pancakes
7.  French toast
8.  Fried potatoes and eggs using leftover baked potatoes
9.  Homemade blueberry scones
10.  Leftover pancakes
11.  Leftover blueberry scones
12.  Bagels, more expensive at 16 cents ( bought 6 for $1 at bread store) but a nice treat and quick
13.  Homemade cinnamon rolls made the night before
14.  Raisin cinnamon English muffins a great for Valentine's Day at 16 cents each
15.  Leftover cinnamon roll and English muffin
16.  Leftover blueberry scones from the freezer
17.  Grilled pbj
18.  Bagels
19.  Egg sandwich
We started two weeks of Low carb today.  It's protein heavy so costs  will go up
20.  Two fried eggs.  About 15 cents.
21.  Homemade breakfast sausage patties
22.  Protein pancakes using protein powder and cottage cheese, makes lots of leftovers
23.  Sausage egg and cheese omelette
24. Eggs and bacon
25.  Leftover protein pancakes
26. Homemade low carb granola
27.  We skipped breakfast.
28.  Leftover protein pancakes

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