Friday, October 19, 2018

Unexpected Bounty

Thanks to the generosity of friends, and a GREAT deal at Aldi, I have been busy processing goodies to enjoy.  Here is what I had and what I made.

Grapes from two friends, I can't even guess at how many, LOTS):

Grape juice. 17 1/2 quarts
Grape jelly .  Still to be made from some of the juice
Grape pie filling. 6 pies worth

Green tomatoes (a peck basket):

Fried green tomatoes (3 meals)
Tomatoes to ripen (25)
Green tomato mincemeat (adjusted to use what I had)  6 pints

39 cents a pound winter squash, 19 pounds for under $8:

Roasted and frozen for pie and quick breads as well as to eat as a side dish (24 cups)

I get such fulfillment when doing something like this.  I only do a little these days, since there is only the two of us, but it is still fun.

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