Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Say Stop and Save Money

Finding bargains on things you need is obviously frugal.
But you can take it farther when you simply stopping buying certain things you normally buy.

Here are some things that are no longer on my shopping list:

Paper napkins, cups and plates:  we now only use ones we can wash and reuse.

Dishwasher pods:  I use a liquid from Family Dollar that I find as good as Cascade.  I stocked up recently when I was sent a coupon for $5 of a $25 purchase.

Dishwasher spot liquid:  I find I don't need it.  I also didn't like the thought of having those chemicals on the dishes I ate from.

Air freshener:  I hate the chemicals.  Instead I use a simmering potpourri when necessary.  I save all my citrus peels and use some for this.

Shower body wash:  Bar soap is cheaper and no plastic.  I buy it at the Dollar Tree.

Hair conditioner:  My hair is short and I don't really need it.

Hair dye:  I used it for years but started to worry about the chemicals.  I'm now proudly gray.

Dryer sheets:  I hang my laundry

Fabric softener:  When I use anything, I use white vinegar.

Here are some things I use very rarely so I don't have to buy them often:

Commercial cleaning items:  My holdout is Murphy's Oil Soap.  The rest are homemade.

Bottled water:  We use a Brita.

Baggies:  I buy one box of each size a year.  Unless they have contained meat, I wash them and reuse over and over.  You can turn them inside out and wash them with your towels, then hang them to dry.

Paper towels:  I use cleaning rags mainly.  But if something is really icky I will use a towel and toss it.  I use a roll about every six weeks.

Finger nail polish:  I use it to touch up my pedicure so it lasts longer.  I buy it at Dollar Tree.  I don't do my nails because the polish never lasts.

Makeup and perfume:  Only when I am dressing up.  Not at home.

My dryer:  As I said, I mainly hang my laundry.  But I do use it when there is a time crunch such as traveling.  My dryer is 39 years old, by the way.

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