Monday, October 15, 2018

Buying and Eating: October 1-15

For October we have a budget of $381.61, using the government's suggested thrift amount of $12.31/day.  We also have a cushion of  $664.36 from this year and  $1147.44 in total.

What We Ate: taco salad, pseudo nachos, grilled chicken breast, zucchini pancakes, Caesar salad; leftovers;

We are in Oxford for Mike's fraternity reunion.  Low carb is on hold.  I have a toasted roll to eat.  :)
Kielbasa, corn, potatoes; leftovers;  Mike's fraternity dinner;  Mexican pizza

Low carb is back on.
Sloppy Joe, zucchini pancakes; baked chicken wrap using a low carb wrap; homemade low carb sausage and pepperoni pizza; beef stroganoff over spaghetti squash, Greek salad, fried green tomatoes, low carb pound cake; shrimp scampi, zucchini pancakes, frozen green beans; chicken cordon bleu soup and pimento cheese wraps; ham steak, sauteed cabbage, fried green tomatoes, salad

What We Bought:

Wal-Mart:  strawberries, cream   $4.14

Aldi:  Pam. $1.55

Giant Eagle:  iced tea. Free

Aldi:  various cheeses. (15 lbs), pasta. (2 lbs), cream, peppers, grape tomatoes, carb bars (3 boxes),  winter squash (19 lbs)   $ 76.49

Giant Eagle:  Hood cottage cheese .  Free with coupon

Aldi:  cucumber, strawberries, carb bars . $7.57

Salvage:  I have not listed items to make Christmas gifts or non food items as well as lake items.  These come from other budget categories.
potato mixes (2), canned fruit (3), manicotti noodles, Bisquick, dried kidney beans (2), pineapple juice, Old English jarred cheese (4), green beans, salsa (2), soy sauce, cracker Jacks (2), coffee (7), cream corn, enchilada sauce, sauerkraut, beets, tomato stew starter (2), rice vinegar, soy milk (2), gallon oil, apple juice, craisins, macaroni and cheese (2), spaghetti sauce (2), spices (3), 18 ounce tomato paste, peppermint patties (5)  $53.25

Sam's Club:  low carb tortillas (20 count) $ 4.98

Tops:  strawberries, spaghetti sauce, rye bread, eggs, butter, Cheez-Its.  $12.00

Total for Groceries:  $149.88

Eating Out:

Toasted rolls in Oxford. $10.00
Mike at Wild Wings in Oxford. $  14.00

Total for Eating Out:  $24.00

Total for First Half of the Month: $173.88

Remaining for Second Half of the Month:  $207.73

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