Saturday, October 6, 2018

Spending at The Three Quarters of The Year Mark

Time to run the numbers and see how well we are doing so far, 75% through the year.

In the last nine months we have spent $1691.27  on groceries and $501.54 on eating out.

That means we have averaged $186.81 / month on groceries and $55.82 / month on eating out.  For a grand total average of $243.65 / month to feed us.

The government thrift plan says we should be spending $12.31 / day for a family of two or $6.16 / day / person.

In the 273 days so far this year, our groceries and Eating Out have averaged $8.03 for a family of two and $4.02 per person/ day.  We are well under the government's number.

Our freezer and cupboards are jammed.  We need to start eating out of our stockpile more.  I also need to start thinking how I will approach next year's budget.  I am obviously still buying too much when things are on sale.  I would also like to add more vegetarian meals to our diet so we need more vegetables in the freezer and less meat.

I'm also dreaming about what fun thing we can do with our cushion.  Something we otherwise would hesitate to do.

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