Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Real Spanish Gazpacho

Over 40 years ago, when first married, Mike and I lived for three years in the Andalusia region of Spain.  There, a local taught me to make gazpacho.  This soup is like eating a cold salad in a bowl.  Make it often and enjoy.

There are no set amounts.  Just remember it is the tomato that should shine through.

Tomatoes, vine ripened are best but if you want to make it in the winter canned diced are much better and have more flavor than winter tomatoes in the grocery store.  I use one can or 2-3 large vine ripened.

Cucumber, about a half

Onion, about a half

Garlic, about 3 cloves

Bell pepper, any color will do, about a half

A slice of bread soaked in water

Olive oil, a generous glug

Vinegar, about 1/3 cup to start then adjust to taste

Lemon juice, about a Tbs

1/4 tsp salt, may not need if using canned tomatoes

Water if too thick

Blend all ingredients but do not puree.  There should still be discernable vegetable flecks.

Adjust to taste.

Chill very well before serving.  This is key.

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