Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Buying and Eating: July 16-31

We have $ 288.82  of our monthly allocation remaining for the second half of the month.     We also have a cushion of  $489.05 YTD.  Our total available cushion is $872.64

What we bought:
Bread Store:  pumpernickel, cinnamon swirl, cinnamon raisin English muffins. $2.78

Aldi:  cherries (1.7 lb), mandarins (3 lbs)  $5.32

Tops:  Italian bread, cheese (8 oz), ballpark cheddar franks, hamburger buns, lettuce, Cheeze Its, blueberries. $9.76

Price Rite:  pasta (4), chips (3), nectarines (2), Greek yogurt for starter, green olives  $11.87

Aldi:  pretzels. $1.49

Giant Eagle:  iced tea (56oz.)  $0.99 .for the lake

Tops:  eggs, cheese. $2.98

Price Rite:  Knorr's noodle side dishes (3), cake mix (2), whole chicken, bananas, mushrooms (3), shredded cheese (4), green olives. $ 17.89

Total spent on groceries:  $ 52.21

What We Ate:
Chicken vegetable soup and leftover Stromboli;  southern style chicken BBQ sandwiches, roasted smashed potatoes, sauteed spinach with garlic; spinach potato frittata, bacon and toast; charcoal grilled garlic chicken, three bean salad, bleu cheese grits, garlic bread;  Welsh rarebit, watermelon, 3 bean salad, black eyed pea salad; Mike was sailing so I had macaroni and cheese; chicken sandwiches with chips or pretzels and fresh fruit; beef curry and lentils pancakes; homemade chicken pot pie and salad; taco pizza; leftovers; BLT pasta salad and cheese quesadilla;  chicken fried rice, Chinese onion pancakes, fruit salad, green salad; sausage and pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and peppers;  leftovers

Eating Out:
Mike's Lunch. $2.62
Lunch Batavia.  $3.24

Total spent eating out:  $ 5.86

Grand total for the second half of the month:  $58.07
Grand Total for the Month:  $139.05. A stupendous month for the budget.

Amount to add to the cushion:  $ 230.95
Our cushion now stands at $ 620 YTD and $ 1103.59 overall

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