Thursday, May 3, 2018

RVING It: A Second Restock

We were still doing well with the main courses for meals, but some of the peripheral items were running low.

So, off we went to the local Aldi to pick up just a few strategic items. 

And, some totally unnecessary goodies snuck into the cart when my back was turned.  :)

What we bought:

Coffee, because there is no morning without coffee
a melon for fresh fruit, it was on sale
Some pitas to serve with hummus
Pretzels to have with lunches
Mustard for sandwiches since we are almost out
Frosted mini wheats to snack on

Chips and dip, cookies and peanut M&M,  for no good reason at all except we are on vacation.  :)

The cost:  $ 16.38

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