Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Buying and Eating: May 1-15

We began May with a monthly allotment of $381.30 according to the government's thrifty plan for food.  We are carrying over a cushion of $849.06 in total, with $465.47 being from this year.

What We Ate:  BBQ pork ribs, grilled Italian zucchini, leftover sweet potatoes from the freezer, garlic sourdough toast;  vegetable fried rice, onion bhajis,  melon; Italian marinated ribs, fresh green beans, melon, muffins; spaghetti from the freezer, sauteed zucchini, melon, scones from the freezer;  homemade hummus, pita bread, grilled peppers and on, leftover zucchini, melon; grilled ham steak, grilled corn on the cob, fried cabbage, macaroni and cheese, garlic toast; fried rice from the freezer, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, fresh strawberries, cheese bread;  Asian spicy peanut noodles, leftover sauteed cabbage, green beans, strawberries; leftover smorgasbord;  homemade sausage, onion and pepper pizza with pretzels; turkey and gravy from the freezer, stovetop, mashed potatoes, lima beans; homemade vegetation chili with onion and cheese; pizza from the freezer

What We Bought:

Aldi:  bacon, pork ribs, zucchini, Parmesan cheese, fresh green beans, ice cream, pretzels, sourdough bread, avocados (3), French roast coffee (2), peanut butter cups, cookies. $27.40

Aldi:  strawberries (2)  $3.98

Price Rite: cheese (5 lbs), special K (4), canned beans (3), Atkins bars, expensive but Mike likes them (3)  $40.22

Salvage: Kellogg's pastry thins (4), black sesame seeds ( for homemade sesame oil), croutons (2), boxed potato mixes for the RV (4), cereal (5), Barilla pasta (4), chicken broth (48 oz), Maggie seasoning, creme (2), crackers (6), dry ranch dressing (2), dried cranberries (2), ginger snaps, natural peanut butter (5), Snyder's pretzels, small (4), regular oatmeal, steel cut oatmeal, mayo (4), cheeze its, small (4), salad dressing (2), tea bags (2), coconut cookies (2), pizza crust (2), ground coffee (8), candy bars (6), macaroni and cheese, family size, for the RV (2), stovetop, for the RV (2), lime juice, cashews , corn meal (5 lbs), BBQ sauce, green beans (2),    $88.48

Bread Store:  Thomas's English Muffins (3), Thomas's Onion Bagels, Monk's whole wheat bread, Thomas's cinnamon swirl bread, soft rye bread.   $5.56

Total for groceries:  $165.64

Eating Out:

Breakfast with the kids. $ 19.19
Lunch With Joyce. $18.72
Lunch at Sara's, an Erie landmark  $ 9.04

Total for eating out:  $46.95

Grand Total:  $212.59

That leaves us with $168.71 for the second half of the month.

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