Sunday, May 6, 2018

Five Ways I Saved Money in April

1.  I found 24 skeins of yarn for $.99 each.  I can make quite a few Linus Project afghans with those.

2.  Eating our meals mainly in the RV has saved us a bundle, even when you subtract the approximately $50 we spent on groceries.

3.  I'm framing and hanging pictures of the grandchildren.  I found several nice frames for $.99-1.99.  I even found a Jim Thompson silk frame for $.99.

4.  When we did eat out with our friend, we ate out at lunch instead of dinner.  Lunches are generally less expensive to begin with and going simpler is usually fine with everyone.

5.  When we needed laundry detergent for the RV, we checked local sales, downloaded a coupon to our phone and headed off to CVS.  We saved 75%!
Yes, I have lots of laundry detergent at home, but that didn't get the laundry done now.

An Extra:  While we were playing tourist, a heavy rain stopped us from touring part of an historic site (too muddy for the horse drawn wagon.)  We asked for and got a raincheck that allowed us to return a few days later for free.

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