Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Middlefield, Ohio Bargains

Mike and I took the RV and headed to Amish country just south and east of Cleveland.  While there we did a little ( a lot) of shopping.

Salvage Groceries:  Couldn't resist.

Vanilla wafers for lake (2), 4 count storage containers (2) under household, minced sun dried tomatoes for lake,  46 oz. tomato juice, Pam (4), marshmallows for lake, gallon of white vinegar, sugar cone ice cream bowls, sauerkraut, 3 bean salad, corn, beignet mix, coconut (2) for lake, jerky, roasted red peppers (2) for lake, barley, macaroni and cheese (6), cookies (3), crispy onions, mandarin oranges for the lake, pie crust mix (6), cream soup (3), Pepperidge Farm sourdough bread, hello (3) for the lake, canning lids (4) under household, cereal (4), crackers (2) for the lake, salad dressings (4), oatmeal, crackers (6), pasta salad (4) for the lake, beef bouillon, coffee (6), liquid plumber under household, low carb tortillas (4), breakfast bars (6), gallon of corn oil, 11 lbs, cat food under household, broth (2), shelf stable soy milk (2), candy bars (5), chocolate mint morsels (2), tuna (3), crunchy peanut butter (2), canned white beans (4), lasagna noodles, diced tomatoes (2)   115 items for $102.07
I call that a bargain.

Cheese Co-Op:  The Original Middlefield Cheese

I buy the cheese on special.  I know you're surprised to hear that.  :)

Today it was Swiss and sharp cheddar.

The cost per pound was $2.59.  We bought about  8 pounds for $20.57

I also look for the deli cheese ends.  These are only $2.00 / pound.  Today we were lucky to get  a mixed bag of cheese types of just over 4 pounds for $8.06.

So, for $28.63 we are now stocked up with about 12 pounds of cheese at an average cost of  $2.39/ pound.  And this is really good cheese.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your RV as much as your boat. We miss you.

    1. We miss you guys, too. The RV is good but it's not the same. Not as relaxing.