Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Huge Salvage Shop

I haven't been salvage shopping in awhile.
 My cupboards showed it.
The length of my receipt showed it.
And my bill showed it.

 I didn't get everything I was looking for (no baking powder, Pam, olives, cocoa, beets, raisins, cumin, cayenne, chilli powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, soy sauce) but I did stock up on quite a few things, as you can see below.

Kellogg's pastry thins for the RV     4@$0.89
Black sesame seeds to make sesame oil.    8 oz @$0.99
Salad croutons     2 @ $0.79
Boxed potato mix for the RV.    3@$0.49 box
Cereal     $0.99
Barilla spaghetti  2@ $0.79/lb
Chicken broth  48 0 ounces.    $1.50
Maggie seasoning.     $1.50
Organic Cereal   4@ $1.50/box
Creme.    2@0.49
Barilla rigatoni .     2@$0.99/lbs
Crackers      7@$0.79/box.     Two are for the lake later this summer
Townhouse crackers, large box. $1.00
Dried cranberries.     2@.99/bag
Ginger Snaps for the RV.    $0.79
Gluten free crackers.     2@$0.99/box
Natural peanut butter .   5@$1.99/jar
Small bags of Snyder's sourdough pretzels.     4@$0.35 /bag
5 grain hot cereal.    $0.99
Candy bars for the  RV  5@ .25/bar
Dry ranch salad dressing mix.     4@$0.50/envelope.   2 for the lake
Corn meal     $0.50/5lbs
BBQ sauce .    $0.65/bottle
Organic no salt green beans.     2@$0.49/can
Crushed pineapple.     $0.69/ plastic container .    For the lake.
Steel cut oatmeal.     $0.99/bag
Mayo.     4@$0.25/quart
Cheeze Its, small bags for the RV .    4@$0.25/bag
Salad dressing.     2@$0.25/bottle
Tea bags.     2@$1.99/box of forty
Coconut cookies for the RV .    2@$0.99/tray
Italian salad dressing to use as a marinade      7@$0.10/bottle.    For the lake.
Pizza crust      2 for $0.10
Coffee      7@2.99/bag
Coffee .    1@$1.99/bag
Crushed pineapple .    $0.99/can .   For the lake.
Velveeta family size macaroni the cheese for the RV.   2 for a total of $0.99
Stovetop for the RV     2@$0.79each
Lime juice.      $0.99
Mandarins.  $0.69/ plastic container.     For the lake.:/
Cashews.     $1.25/bag
Wet cat food.     4@$0.29/can

Grand total:    105 items for $93.68

As my husband just said, I need to go more often so the list isn't as long and the bill isn't as big.  But I don't think I did so bad.

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