Monday, April 30, 2018

April 16-30: Buying and Eating

We started out the month of April with a $369.30 allocation for groceries and meals out.  During the first two weeks we spent a total of $52.64 for both.

That meant we had $316.66 of the allocation remaining for the second half of the month.  Here is how we did.

What We Ate:  bean nachos; French bread pizza with sausage, onions and peppers;  seafood Alfredo, lima beans, garlic bread; leftover bean nachos and grapes; steak salad and garlic bread; hamburgers on the grill, fried green tomatoes and cheesy coleslaw; stroganoff from the freezer and noodles with buttered carrots and salad;  white bean Alfredo with pasta, garlic cheese toast, sliced peaches with yogurt; easy cheeseburger potatoes, leftover sides;  leftover BBQ chicken from the freezer, fried sweet potatoes,lima beans,  leftover fruit;  hotdogs on the grill, baked beans, leftover sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, fruit;
Cheeseburger potatoes, leftover baked beans, leftover mixed vegetables;  tuna noodle casserole from the freezer, salad, peas, muffins; spaghetti with sausage and peppers, tomato bread, lima beans

What We Bought:

Commissary:  pretzels, poptarts, baking chocolate (2), onion soup mix , Italian dressing, sliced peaches, chopped mango, chocolate frosting, sliced pears, Greek yogurt (2small), frozen lima beans, garlic bread (2), bagels, whole grain bread, rainbow sweet peppers, green onions, carrots (1lb), cucumber, salad greens, brownie mix, green tomatoes, tomatoes.  $35.23

Aldi:  Coffee, chips and dip, pretzels, cereal for snacking, M&M's, melon, mustard, cookies, pitas. $16.38

Total for groceries:  $51.61

Eating Out:

Breakfast with Marge:  $22.90
Chinese Food with Margea:  $20.11
Lunch with Marge:  $17.80

Total for eating out:  $60.81

Grand total for the second half of the month:  $ 112.42

Grand Total for April:  $165.06   Having a stockpile of items really helps you eat well for less.

The unspent $204.24 will be added to our cushion which now stands at $849.06 with a total of $465.47 being from this year.  Buying mainly when things are on sale adds up.

For the first third of the year we have spent $ 1013.51.  That averages out to $4.65/person/day for groceries and meals out.

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