Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where Can You Find Teens at Night? (A Journey of 1000 Miles)

If the beer cans are any indication, they appear to favor hanging out along canals and river locks.  Walk along the paths and you do not have to go far to find cozy little indentations in the hedges and the litter of beer cans and crisp packaging.

I understand the teenage need for private spaces out of sight of eyes that always seem judgmental.  I can even reach far back into the recesses of my mind and remember feeling that way myself.

But, what I can not understand is leaving all the garbage behind.  First, it clearly gives you away.  Anybody who looks knows what is going on here and could come back some evening and confront you.  Second, that cozy little indentation can't be all that comfortable when it is full of garbage.  And third, one reads that the younger people are very concerned about what mankind is doing to the environment.  Well, here is an example of environmental harm close to home that need not happen.

Keep a plastic bag of some sort in a pocket.  Collect all the refuse from your get together in the  bag and either put it in a handy refuse container or sit it somewhere where others can dispose of it properly.  That will be much easier than them having  to hunt around in the hedge rows and pick up after you.  I promise they will think much kinder thoughts while disposing of a neat bag of refuse than they would think if they had to pick up said refuse piece by piece.

The same can be said for all the garbage that ends up in the canals.  Using a garbage bag or a refuse bin would be neater, more environmentally friendly and leave the canals looking much more attractive.  A floating garbage heap is not a pretty sight.

How do you make the world a better place?  One positive action at a time.  So, when out walking the canals I am going to take a plastic bag with me and pick up the refuse along the way and dispose of it properly.  It's a small step but that's how one makes a journey of a thousand miles:  one small step at a time.

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