Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sheffield to Wakefield

Here we are, first in line on the left, going through one of the large commercial locks with four of our friends.  We made a convoy, a la Smokey and the Bandit.  You can sorta see our geraniums on the bow and our herbs and wood pile on the roof. 
This is an abandoned train bridge that we passed.  Mike and I loved the many arches.  Surely something could be done to make use of the structure.
Looking out of the boat one evening when we were parked for the night at Barnby Dun.  Gorgeous! It reminded us of sunsets on the peninsula.
The same view and sunset just a few moments later but a very different sight.  Still tranquil and pretty but no longer fiery.
This reminded me of a modern Stonehenge.  Makes you think, doesn't it.  You can travel all day and they are still there overlooking you.

Another train bridge but this one is still in use.  See all those white discs with the Xs in them?  I wonder if those are there to reinforce the structure of the bridge.  I know they do a process similar to that on old historic buildings.

A beautiful and serene trip down the River Don.  We actually turned the engine off and just drifted for awhile enjoying the view and the quiet. A pleasant journey over the Sheffield Canal, The River Don, and the Aire and Calder Navigations into Wakefield.

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