Friday, October 3, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Thoughts About Year One

It's been a year already.  We have seen and done a lot but there is still so much to see and do.  Of course, we haven't been here the whole 52 weeks but we have been here for a large chunk of time.  When I think about the year here are some of the thoughts that come to mind.  No complete sentences, no order, no rhyme or reason:

Making homemade mayo in 30 seconds or less with 5 ingredients and an immersion blender

The wonderful bite of real English mustard.

Learning to talk to strangers.

Walking more.

Letting go and being less stressed.

The need for constant decluttering.

A grater, knife and immersion blender can so almost anything a food processor can do.  But, I am still keeping my food processor.

An immersion blender, a hand held masher and a whisk can do most of the things a mixer can do.  But my kitchen-aid will stay.  The hand held mixer I have to think about.

A service for 8 or 12 of your ordinary dishes, glasses and cutlery is not needed 99% of the time.  For the 1% I think I will just use disposable.

White dishes are the way to go.  You can find them in different charity shops and different times and they still look great together.

When boats hit the sides of locks it sometimes leads to having to replace some of those same dishes.

A wood fire takes a lot of beating.  They should prescribe it for people with SAD.  I swear it helps.

A stainless steel saucepan with a metal handle makes a great container to cook bread in.  Great crust.

Hand washing dishes really doesn't take a lot of time, even when you have to heat the water on the stove.  But no, you can't have my dishwasher.

Politicians, no matter what country, appear to be the same.  They look out only for themselves.  They have a difficult time telling the truth.  They can justify anything.  Not good.

I miss my slow cooker.  I have a small pressure cooker and it is great.  But, I still wish I had a slow cooker.  But I just haven't found a small one in a charity shop yet.  I guess other people like them, too.

Most anything I want/need will show up in a charity shop eventually for pence on the pound.

Approved foods and RTC items are a food budget's friend.

Hot water bottles are something everybody should rediscover and own.  They warm cold sheets in the winter and soothe aching body parts of the not yet old so why do my joints think I am.

Porta Potties will never make it.  No matter how you empty, sanitize, clean, deodorize.  But I am still willing to give a composting toilet a chance (especially if it is the type that composts in my basement and not under where I sit.

If you buy it, try it, despise it, redonate it and try again.  The beauty of charity shop/cheap purchases:  no guilt.

Family (especially growing quickly grandchildren and family and friends closer to the five score mark) are more precious than life itself, friends and pets are VERY HARD to leave behind.

I am still cooking at home 99% of the time!  Time to work on that.

Wondering what I will do with all the space in the Erie house when we go back there.  Maybe reconvert it into a duplex and use that to help fund our "older age".

Smaller spaces to clean but need to stay on it more

Organize, organize, organize

Such a small island, such a dense population, so much beautiful countryside

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