Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wellies, Wood Fire and Wet Weather: God Laughing.

Yep, that pretty much describes my day.

The paths can (are) muddy so on with the wellies I have not worn since last early spring.
The are is damp and cool (cold) so we have had a wood fire going all day to make us comfortable and to soothe old joints (mine).
And the weather, well that has been wet, by and large.  It rains, it stops, it rains again, it stops again, you get the picture.

Well, about 2:30 I decided that since we were out of butter, eggs, bread, and four to make bread with, that a trip to the store would probably be smart.  Yeah, right.

So I headed out with my wellies and vest on.  I got to town OK (town is now Castleford, BTW).  However, after making my purchases ( of the above including the flour and some custard donuts that just happened to jump into my cart without my knowing it), I headed home as it began to sprinkle.

Not bad.  What could be called a soft day.  However, it did not stay soft.

Slowly but surely God turned up the faucet until it was really and truly a rainstorm.  The dripping off your hair and nose, can't see out of your glasses rain storm.

But hey, this is England.  Rain is to be expected.  Roll with it, right?

So, once home I dried off, but on some warm jammies, and got comfortable for the evening.

And, I swear the rain stopped as I god dried off and it has not rained since.  Does anyone else hear God laughing?

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