Monday, October 6, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was a gorgeous autumn day:  full of sun, warm, no rain, just enough of a breeze.  Perfect.

We took advantage of the day by traveling a little further on our voyage to the Leeds and Liverpool.  The fields are so green, the cows and sheep and horses look so "pastorally contented" (can I say that?  who cares, it's my blog so I will anyway).   Off on the horizon, at the end of the fields and meadows, you can see the church towers, the stone and brick houses, the rows of mature and stately trees. Idyllic. There won't be many more days like that. 

To make the day even better, we skyped with John and Emma (and Meg and Ash).  It was breakfast time for them and lunchtime for us.  Once John got over his shyness we had a great conversation.  He told us about his visit to 'Mommy's grandpa' and the animals they saw.  He was all excited about the visit to the pumpkin patch for later in the day and his plans to bring home a small pumpkin for Emma and a BIG pumpkin for himself. And we learned about his latest interest, dinosaurs.  Emma was just busy toddling around, playing in cupboards and smiling and giggling at everything.  She really enjoyed when mom would pick her up and stand by John's chair (where he was busy eating half of mom's bagel).  Emma loves to take that opportunity to give John kisses in his hair.  When I commented to John that Emma loves her big brother he nonchalantly answered 'Yeah.' Great kids.  Lucky grandparents.

After our conversation Mike and I went out to Sunday lunch!  He had a cheeseburger and chips and I had potato skins (not nearly as stuffed or as greasy over here so I don't have to feel as guilty).

We moored for the night at a beautiful section that makes you feel you have literally stepped off the world and left all that hustle and bustle behind, at least for awhile.  Very calm and serene (I have always loved the word serene.  Princess Grace was 'Her Serene Highness'.  I always thought that was a great title to have.)

That was yesterday. 
Now we have today and it is a horse of a different color.

The breeze is now a strong wind.  The sun is gone and the rain is pelting the boat.  It is damp and very, very cool with a high today expected to reach only 10 celcius.  Today we will stay inside and take care of projects and chores and try to stay dry and warm.  The wood is burning in the stove and just seeing the flames helps you feel warmer.  It's a placebo effect but I'll still take it.

And, as Orphan Annie said, the sun will come out tomorrow.

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