Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Mousetrap

Last night Mike and I continued with a tradition begun very early in our marriage.  While we were living in Spain we took a week's vacation to London.  One evening we went out to dinner and were sat with another couple at a table.  They were on their way to the theater, as were we.  They had seen the play on their honeymoon 25 years before and were back to see it again as part of their anniversary celebration.  We were going to the same play for the first time:  The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie.

Many years later, we returned to London with the girls and took them to see this Christie classic.  Last night we went once again to the St. Martin's Theatre to enjoy this long running play.  Tradition.

The Mousetrap has never closed since it initially began its London stage run 62 years ago this past November.  In 1974 it did move from one theatre to another just next door but this was accomplished without missing a single performance.  To date, it has had over 25,000 performances in its initial run in London:  the world's longest initial run. 

The original producer estimated that the play would run for about a year and a half.  Agatha Christie herself estimated a run of eight months.  They were both surprised, and wrong.

The proceeds from the play were given by Mrs. Christie to her grandson.  Little did she know she was providing him with an income for life!

If you are ever in London, I recommend the play.  If you like who done its you are in for an enjoyable evening.

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