Friday, January 10, 2014

Sex Education on the Canal Path

Caution:  the following images are rated PG-13.

Two swans were being "amorous" this morning on the canal path just outside a living area window.
If I was her I would not have appreciated him biting me on the neck several times but maybe to a female swan that is a sign of "love".  Even Mike thought the whole procedure was rather brutal (his word).

Once the male had completed his work he dismounted and returned to the canal.  The female stayed on the bank for quite awhile longer preening her feathers or just standing there.  To me she seemed a little shell shocked. :)  She was definitely having a bad feathers day.

I told Mike she was acting like she had been raped and his response was that there was very little consensual anything that went on there.  I guess that is how it goes in the animal kingdom.

The silver lining to all of this:  cygnets to watch once the eggs are laid and momma sits on them for 30-35 days.  They will be so cute!

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