Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can you translate British?

What do the following every day British terms mean?

     a.   use your loaf

     b.   low faff

     c.   chuffed

     d.  it must be exxe

     e.  face flannel

     f.  faggots for dinner

     g.  upping sticks

     h.  getting a jab

 1.  What is something you will find associated with a British outlet but not with an American outlet?

 2.  How are american hot dogs packaged for sale?

 3.  What do you need besides a TV and an attenna or cable package in order to watch TV in the UK?

 4.  Turkey stuffing or dressing is either baked in the bird or in a casserole dish in the States.  What form does it take in the UK .

5.  American lasagna looks different from British lasagna.  How so?

Answers are below.

a.  use your brain

b.  low fuss
c.  upset, angry, put out
d.  it must be expensive
e.  wash cloth
f.  a type of meatball containing liver
g. moving
h.  a shot as in a flue shot

1.  a switch for turning it on and off
2.  in cans

3.  a government license at the cost of about 150 pounds sterling per year
4.  in balls, plus it always contains sausage
5.  British lasagna is made with a white sauce and not a red sauce

lasagna has white sauce and not tomato sauce

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