Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fradley Junctiion

 We spent the last few days at Fradley Junction.  We had planned on going to the National Arboretum but the locks had been closed in both directions so there was no way for us to go.
 One of the mornings we were there there was a heavy hanging fog that lasted well into the afternoon.  It was beautiful.
 There were several boats parked at the junction in the same position we were in.  Waiting with no where to go.
 But who can complain, the view was beautiful.
 This is a picture of a farmer's field with almost two dozen swans busy eating his field of new crops.  I am sure the farmer is very happy.
The Swan, the pub at Fradley Junction, is one of the oldest ones along the canal and in the country.  Mike and I had lunch here just to say we had.

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