Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Thrifty in the Kitchen

Fancy ingredients are expensive ingredients.  Simple ingredients are thrifty ingredients.

Ingredients like chicken and beans, ingredients that can be used in more than one recipe, end up being frugal ingredients.

Tougher cuts of meats that you can marinade to tenderize and flavor, or cook slowly in your crockpot, are budget wise purchases.  Steak and lobster are not unless you can find a great sale.

Root vegetables are cheap vegetables.  Think onions, potatoes,carrots and garlic.

Eggs are versatile, a great source of protein and inexpensive, especially on sale when you should stock up.

Keep a bag in your freezer for vegetable scraps and when it is full make your own vegetable stock.  Do the same with beef, pork and chicken bones and meat trimmings.  Your own broth will be less salty, taste fresher and cost a lot less.

Have leftover or stale bread?  Make bread crumbs, croutons and sweet or savory bread pudding.  Or use it where you won't notice:  French toast, regular toast, bruchetta, garlic bread.

Have a lot of shelf stable items in your kitchen such as beans, rice, pasta, and some canned goods.  These will help you put together meals for less.

Use spices to make inexpensive ingredients taste different and wonderful.

Be careful not to over buy perishables like fruits and vegetables because that can lead to expensive waste when things spoil.

Any food you throw away is expensive food.  Use it up.  If you can't use it now, put it in the freezer before it spoils and use it later.

Cook as much from scratch as you can.  Convenience food is expensive food.

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