Thursday, July 13, 2017

Saving on Non Food Items

Shopping sales and using coupons isn't just for food.  In fact, I use more non food coupons than food coupons.

Penney's periodically gives out in store coupons for $10 off a $10 purchase.  The last time they did so my husband and I managed, by shopping sales, to purchase $66 worth of clothes for gifts and only spent $3.66.

 Using a $10 off a $25 purchase Penney's coupon we managed to purchase six bath towels and two hand towels for $22.18 with tax.  We saved $55.08.

Free photo deals at drug stores can result in some great gifts.  My dad, at 87, really doesn't need more stuff.  But, new pictures of his great grandchildren can be a real hit.

Back to school sales and coupons are great for stocking up on copy paper, pens, mechanical pencils, sharpie markers, staples, tape, etc.  They are also great for buying children's art supplies for later gifts from grandma and grandpa.

Wal-Mart recently had 24 packs of Crayola sidewalk chalk on sale.  I haven't seen any in thrift stores for quite awhile, so I stocked up.  My grandchildren love sidewalk chalk.

Starbucks often has half price sales between two and  five.  My husband and I will periodically indulge our coffee addiction then.  If we have a gift card (generous daughters) it's even better.

Restaurant coupons are great for when we want to or must eat out.  If we don't have a coupon we look for the $1 menu.  If there isn't one we usually order one entree and split it. We enjoy eating out and by keeping the cost under control we can do it more often.

I shopped a sale at Walgreen's , used two $3 coupons, and got two normally priced bottle of oxiclean detergent for $0.99.  The bottle does 26 loads at about $0.04 per load.  That's cheaper than the $0.06 per load for my homemade detergent.  Normally, the detergent would have cost $7.49 which would work out to about $0.40 per load.  I love great deals.

Another Walgreen's deal I did was on the 12 roll pack of Charmin.  Normal price is $8.99.  It was on sale for $4.99.  By using a coupon I lowered the price to $3.99.  That makes the price per roll $0.33.  Normally the price per roll would be $0.75.  I bought two twelve packs because I had two coupons.

My final Walgreen's deal was on Bounty in the six pack.  Normally the package is $7.49 or $1.25 per roll.  The sale took the price to $4.99 and my coupon dropped the price to $3.99 or $0.67 per roll.  These six rolls will last me about a year.

So, look at those advertisements and match them with coupons to see what deals you can score.

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