Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5 Cheese Mac and Cheese and $923.31 in February "Savings"

We are moored just outside of Middlewitch where we will be "processing" some of the wood we have picked up along the way into lengths appropriate for the wood stove and then stacking it on the roof to dry to be ready for next winter.  We need to collect some more but first we have to make room.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that we come across some more along the canal path this spring and summer.

It appears that we will run out of "aged" wood to burn this year and will have to transition to coal.  I live in hope that spring and its warmer temperatures will arrive before then.  But, considering that yesterday the boat inside was near freezing when we got up I am not holding my breath.

I hate to burn coal.  It stinks.  It isn't renewable.  It's expensive.  But, it will keep us warm if we need to use it.

I am making a five cheese mac and cheese for dinner.  It should be nice and warming and comforting after an afternoon spent outside with the wood.  It also allows me to use up some bits and pieces of different cheeses that I had lurking in the fridge.  Pair that with a salad with croutons and can nirvana be far off?

I finally did the math for my February "savings" and the number was $923.31.  Not as good as January but quite respectable.  If you remember, I am counting things like free ebooks for my kindle, items bought "on sale" at the charity at lower than normal charity shop prices, orders from an online grocery salvage store called Approved Food, reduced to clear grocery items at normal grocery stores, Old Age Pensioner discounts and credit card points redeemed instead of having to pay cash.  Normal shopping at charity shops, shopping at discount stores, making gifts, etc. I do not count since that is normal and not out of the ordinary savings.

So far in the two months I have been keeping track we have averaged $1185.12 per month.  I'll take it  That will go along way to funding the travel we love to do.  See little things do add up.

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