Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dublin by DART

Dublin Area Rapid Transit

Yesterday, for ten Euros each, we explored the city via the DART.  Our tickets allowed us to ride freely all day, getting on and off as often as we chose.

First, we rode all the way to Graystones, the terminus of the DART in one direction. It ran beside the shoreline for much of the way, allowing us a beautiful view of the coastline. In some areas there were inviting beaches for strolling, if only the weather had been warmer and less windy. In other areas the coastline was a very rugged wall of stone. Majestic.

The DART turned around at Graystones and headed back towards the city. We jumped of at Dalkey, a charming little town, and spent some time exploring its streets and shops. We found several little restaurants that looked very inviting but left those for another time (maybe October) since we had packed a picnic lunch.

Getting back on the DART we then rode to the other end of the line, getting off at Howth and walking its pier to view the ocean.  The fresh seafood was so enticing we had to stop at a place that smokes his own fish and bought some smoked salmon for enjoying with a cocktail last evening. It was yummy.

The DART then brought us back into the city and a short stroll to our hotel and afore mentioned cocktails, smoked salmon and dinner.

A wonderful time was had by both of us.

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