Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Linoleum Floors

When I think about my childhood, one of my first memories is of the linoleum floors.

Shiney, bright, waxed linoleum.

 It was a wonderfully cool surface to sleep on during hot and muggy summer nights.

It was easy to dust with the big rectangular dust mop that seemed to be found in everyone's house those days.

And only occasionally did you have to get down on your knees to scrub and carefully wax it. Usually a good damp mopping sufficed.

In the winter, every bedside sported a warm rag rug for your feet to land on first thing in the morning.

Rag rugs also appeared in front of the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

And the front and back doors had substantial runner rugs to absorb the rain, mud and snow of the seasons.

Squares, rectangles, ovals, rounds. Whatever fit the situation and the areas needs appeared.

To this day I dislike wall to wall carpeting, preferring tile or hard wood. They just seem so much cleaner.

But still, after all these years, my heart responds to the simplicity of these floors and rag rugs.

For me they were normality and security. And they still are.

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