Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Will Be Rocking and Rolling

Tonight a weather front is beginning to move across the UK north of us.  Scotland is expected to experience gusts of winds up to 80MPH!  That is a dangerous wind.  The kind that blows semi trucks over, trees down and anything that isn't nailed down to heaven knows where.

Our winds will not be as hard but we will feel them, make no mistake.  For the next four days we are expected to experience winds consistently at 20 to 30 MPH with gusts of 50MPH.  We are currently on our upward journey across the Pennines and are moored above a valley.  It is beautiful but it also means that the winds will come roaring across that valley to our boat with nothing in its way to slow it down.

The result, a steel boat that weighs about 15 tons being made to rock and roll with every gust.  It can also be quite noisy as the boat ropes creek and  it bounces against the canal wall.  Let us say it does not make for a restful night's sleep. 

But, we are not in direct line of any trees that might decide to go horizontal so all will eventually be well.  Here we go with the rocking and rolling.

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