Friday, January 16, 2015

Deliciously Making Do

I love the place we have been moored for the last little while.  It has beautiful scenery, wonderfully friendly people, a cafe across the canal that makes great lattes, a source of needed firewood just across the meadow, and lots of doggies walking by.

The one thing it does not have is a supermarket.  The little crossroads has a small convenience store run by a nice friendly lady.  She has done her best to creatively fit in as much stock and as great a variety of items as possible.  But, it would be like doing your major grocery shop at a gas station convenience store. 

We could move on but, due to canal repairs being made only a few miles ahead, we cannot go too far until mid March.  Since there is no great rush, why move when everything else is so appealing.

The answer, eat from stores on hand.  It has been fun making meals out of what is in the frig, freezer, fresh fruit and veg box and shelf stable items found here on the boat.  I have been making bread, chili, hummus, beans and greens,Stromboli, huevos racheros, egg and chips, fried rice, moo shu, chili spaghetti, burritos, etc.  It has been yummy.

Tonight is burgers, hasselback potatoes and honey mustard glazed carrots.  No complaints here.

I wonder just how long I could do this?  I have spent less than £15 on food this month.  A few more months like that and we could treat ourselves to a nice little extra trip.

I also wonder just why I had/have such a stockpile.  It might seem a little excessive if I stop to think about it too much.  So, I won't think about it.  I'll just say I was being prepared unless we got iced in.  Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)

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