Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Let the Hurricanes Roar*

Or, at least the hurricane winds.  Thursday is when the heavy winds are supposed to hit again.  Poor Scotland will, it appears, get the worst of it again.  We are projected to have winds about 50MPH again.

Before that, there is a chance of snow for us here but nothing like we were used to in Erie.  And, I take comfort that I don't have to clean off a car in the morning so that I can get to work.  I always hated that.

To make sure we stay warm we have been cutting and stacking wood today.  We once had quite a supply but the stove has "eaten" most of that and we needed to replace our stockpile.

Just down the hill from where we are moored is a huge limb of a tree that was victim to winter winds a couple of years ago.  After talking with several residents it was decided that it was fair game for our saw.  Mike cuts, I stack.  We worked for several hours today and hope to get a few more in tomorrow. 

Today a lovely local gentleman wearing a Harley Davidson jacket helped us out by carrying buckets and bags of logs from Mike to me.  (He offered.  Wasn't that nice?)  His help made the work go faster and was really appreciated.

An interesting aside:  this gentleman just stopped riding his Harley 4 years ago.  He was 76 then.  Today as he was lugging logs for us, he is 80!  Way to go!

*This is the title of a book by Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House fame.  Rose wrote her book about her mother's life before Laura wrote hers.  It was not as successful, unfortunately. 

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