Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coldest British Winter in 3 Years

Winter has arrived and it appears he/she expects to stick around for awhile.

Temperatures have been at about 5 F and when the wind hits you it feels MUCH colder.

Snow is falling across Great Britain and children are enjoying sledding and making snowmen.

The canal is still open but that water is COLD, hovering just above freezing.  That means our floors in this steel boat that sits in that water are, shall we say, not quite warm. :-)

The roads are icy and the sand and grit that are normally used to improve conditions are failing to rise to the challenge in this cold.  The Automobile Association is busy responding to motorists who have slid off roads or been involved in accidents.

Mike and I are spending as much time as possible in the front part of the boat where the stove keeps the temp at a balmy 15 C.  And if you think I jest, it really does feel balmy when compared with the bathroom at 6C and the bedroom at about 3C.  We skipped our morning showers in case you are wondering.

We are very grateful for the abundance of cut fire wood we have now.  The stove is burning it at a pretty good clip as we try to stay comfortable.  But, there is still more down in the meadow if we need it. :-)

Well, I am off to work on the turkey noodle soup that will be our dinner.  I am going to serve it over mashed potatoes as it was in my childhood.  A carb overload did I hear you say?  Yep, but that feels like just what the doctor ordered for today.  Comfort food.

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