Saturday, January 10, 2015

OOPS, There It Goes

...although we did not actually see it go, unfortunately.

Our new stove chimney with rooster tail is now no longer to be found.  The winds have sent it to places not yet discovered. 

Now, you must understand that less than 6 months ago, because we had to replace our old chimney which had seen better days, we sprung for the new chimney.  And, now it is gone.  And with it goes £££'s,

The wind apparently decided to send it to its new home.

Scotland has been receiving hurricane force winds over the last two nights and while we have not, the winds have still been going over the boat sounding like fast moving trains.  It is an experience, let me tell you.

One of those fast moving trains of wind decided to remove our chimney from our boat.  Oops!

Since we will not be moving for at least another day, since the wind is still incredible, it will be a few days until it can be can replaced but then we will spend another£££ and replace it (and chain it down this time so it does not disappear).

But, it could have been worse.  Much worse.


  1. Doing my best since I am a devout chicken. I can even cluck if you want.
    You stay safe too in all that snow and slippery roads. Hope all is going well.