Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, All Around the Boat

Christmas decorations are coming out and going up bo here on the boat and on the streets of England's towns and villages.

As anyone who has known me through a holiday season knows, I love Christmas and Christmas decorations.  Last year I kept things here on the boat very simple and minimal.  This year, while I am not going crazy by any means, I will be doing a little bit more to make the boat reflect the seasonal spirit.

First, at the local pound store I have purchased some snowflake window cling decorations and have applied them to our windows.  Immediately things felt more like Christmas.  At the same store I also got some battery powered strings of led lights that I put up by the windows in our living area.  I love little white fairy lights at Christmas.  I also bought some battery operated votives that will be all around the boat during the holidays in place of the candles I have had at my windows for past Christmases. 

Today Mike will dig out the pine cones I gathered this fall and the silver ornaments from last year and they will be put out to add to the mood, as will our tiny manger scene. Our tree will be a small green one I crocheted  and "hung" with button ornaments.  That will hang on one side of the door to the bow area where it can be seen from almost any part of the boat.

I am excited to see what the finished product looks like.  Hopefully it will be clear that we who live on this boat believe in Christmas, Santa, Elves, and the wonder of the birth of Jesus.

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