Saturday, November 29, 2014

Expected and Exotic Animals along the Canal

As I walked from one lock to the next a few days ago I surveyed the countryside and was rewarded by the view of two twin cats sitting in identical positions on fence post uprights and surveying me as I surveyed them.  They were black with white sparkling shirt fronts and seemed very content with their lot in life.

In the field beyond their fence were four horses wearing their winter blankets and placidly chomping grass.  Not a care in the world.

And, I was lucky enough to make friends with a friendly black curly haired dog of international parentage.  I had the muddy footprints on my jeans to prove it.  The owner was apologetic but to me what is a little mud between friends.  Very much worth the price.

I didn't have the camera with me so I have no pics to share of my four footed friends.  However, Mike did have a camera and he took pics of some different animals we found along that same stretch of canal.

First, was the donkey we found at a lock.  This donkey was not at work pulling a boat and looked quite happy with his time of rest and relaxation.

Across the canal was a proud and regal parent surveying the world while protecting the baby deer who is wise enough to not venture far until all is safe.

Down the canal, almost hidden in the woods, was a creature not usually seen in these parts, a magnificent elephant.  Nearby, perhaps they journeyed together from darkest Africa, was a gorilla.  The gorilla was shy and since we could only get a picture of his nether regions from our boat we did not record him for posterity.

And, finally, just a little further on was this long necked giraffe calmly standing in someone's back garden surveying the strange world around it.

And who says there's nothing new to be found these days.  You just have to keep an eagle eye out. :-)

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