Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hide and Seek

We have been playing that favorite childhood game with our internet signal since we returned to England.  We were usually told by our computers that we were connected, but they lied.  The little green circles would go around and around as if a connection would be made any time.  But, you could grow very old waiting for that connection.  Clicking through to a site via a link was impossible.  Searches for information you might want to find went nowhere.

And then, just when you were ready to never try again:  it decided to actually take you where you were asking to go.  But... once your guard was down and you were happily thinking all was well again...it was gone again.

The result, a distinct decline in my ability to blog here.

Let me explain. 

To write a post I must first be able to click through and get the "form" for writing such a post.  Sometimes I could do that and often I could not.

Then, once I had written the post, I needed to be able to save it.  And, you guessed it, quite often I was unable to do so.

Once a post is saved, if that is possible, you can then click to publish.  THAT, it turned out, was a very random occurrence.

Hence, my less than consistent blogging pattern.  Regular service will resume when the technology gods smile upon me.

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