Monday, February 24, 2014

Where Are We?

We have spent the last day at Handsacre/Armitage on the Trent and Mercy.  They are two small towns that you leave one and enter the other without even being aware of the fact.  We walked into Handsacre from one bridge along the canal and at the next bridge where we decided to rejoin the canal path we left the village of Armitage.  Along the way we had passed a butcher and a baker (no candlestick maker), a post office, a news agent, two pubs, one church, and a small grocery.

Today we are heading for Rugeley.  Originally we had wanted to get to Great Haywood but we are unable due to a lock closing.  But Rugeley has a Morrisons and some charity shops so we are happy enough.

Today is sunny and feels quite nice.  Yesterday was cooler and again windy but that didn't stop us from having an hour plus walk out and about which we quite enjoyed.

We are exploring the possibility of a stay in Ireland once the UK kicks us out.  We had wanted to visit there during our extended stay so this just moved it up in the queue and made the visit a little more extended than we had originally planned.  Will let you know what is finally decided upon since we are also exploring the possibilities of Portugal and Spain.

That is all for now since I am heading topside to enjoy our short trip along the canal. :)

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