Saturday, February 22, 2014

150 Trees Down Across the Canals

We have been hearing some interesting tales from friends about the weather while we were gone.

 It appears that we missed the mother and father of all wind storms. 

As we all know, Britain is swimming in extra water this winter.  Some people's homes have been continuously flooded since before Christmas, poor things.

The ground, needless to say is saturated with a capital S.

Add to that a storm with sustained winds of 85 mph and the result is trees pulled out by their roots because the muddy ground just can't withstand the pull or push of the wind.

Over 150 of those trees ended up falling across the canals and closing them until crews could get there to remove them.

Even now, as you cruise by you can see where they were plus all the other damage that was done by the wind in the woods in general.

It really makes you understand the strength of Mother Nature.  Awe Inspiring.

As an old commercial used to say, "Don't Mess With Mother Nature!"

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