Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

It seems like we may not need an ark after all.  The daily torrential downpours are giving way to periods of sunshine. :)  We still get our usual bit of rain in a day but it is quickly over and not at all torrential.  Yeah!

The hedgerow bushes are flowering and greening out, as you can see.  That first greenery after a long period of nature being asleep and resting is just wonderful to see.  It does my soul good.

The air is full of the sounds of the small songbirds declaring their joy in being alive.  They are often quite brave and stay perched in the hedgerow bushes as we ramble by.  How nice to see the choir up close and personal.
We caught sight of this nest in a tree above the hedgerow.  Will they "remodel and refurbish" for this year or build a new one from scratch?  Either way I am anxious to see the heads of the little ones sticking above the sides. :)

All around the early spring flowers are breaking forth and adding their beautiful riot of color to the prior dreariness.  Have you ever wondered why so many of these early beauties are either purple, white or yellow? 

The last true sign of spring I cannot capture in a picture:  when the sun is shining now you can actually feel its warmth.  In the winter when it is out there is light but no warmth.  Welcome back to the actual warmth.

Here's to the joy and wonder of watching the world awake from its winter's nap.

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