Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Tenacity of Trees

Quite often along the canal path one will see trees that resemble those pictured below.

No, they are not some unusual type you have never seen before.  They are living proof, literally, that nature wants to survive.  That trees want to live.

Periodically, trees along the canal path are "topped" if the powers that be feel they are overhanging the canal too much or if they are deemed to be in danger of toppling.  The plan being that the trees will die and later be removed and cut into firewood by industrious narrow boaters.

The trees, however, do not always go along with the plan.  They have their own agenda and quite stubbornly refuse to go quietly into that long night.

So, they start sending out from the "stump" new growth that morph into new branches and a reincarnation of the tree.

As a result, the above is a common sight.  A sight that always makes me smile.  I love when nature refuses to be killed off by man.  Yeah nature!  Long may these trees live.

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