Thursday, February 27, 2014

From the Sublime to the Ridiculious

Ben Johnson has a famous quote that runs something like this: "If you are bored with London you are bored with life."  He had a point.  In London you can find a wealth of things to view and to do and they do run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous as the two pictures below illustrate.

The above isw Kensington Street a beautiful and upscale street.          This huge blue chicken is found  in Picadilly Circus and no, I don't have ANY idea why it is there or what it means.

London Bridge.  This is a replacement.  If I remember correctly the "real" one of nursery rhyme fame is now a tourist attraction in Arizona.
The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.  The locals sometimes call it the Insane Asylum since they aren't any more impressed with their government than we are with ours.
Marble Arch.  The arch was originally built near Buckingham Palace but was moved to its current location at the request of Queen Victoria.  One assumes she was not overly fond.
St. Paul's Cathedral designed by Christopher Wren.  Diana and Charles were married here.  Later royal marriages have gone back to the traditional location of Westminster Abbey.  I wonder if there is any connection.
The tower of this London church was the inspiration for the wedding cake of the daughter of a London baker.  Since then the design has caught on.
This hotel in the center of London was the home of Charles De Gaul during WWII and is the hotel of choice for many of the famous and infamous of the world.
A business with a long history proving people have always been a little short of cash.  I am, however, left wondering who decided they are "Pawnbrokers of Distinction."

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