Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Salvage Shopping

I know, my cupboards are full.  Then why did I go salvage shopping?  Coffee.  We were running low and that will never do.

While I was there, here is what I bought:

Coffee, 12 bags for a total of $23.88
Kraft macaroni and cheese, 6 boxes for $1.50  (My guilty secret love.  Don't judge.)
Crackers, 3 boxes for $2.08(Never too many crackers during the holidays.)
Dill Weed for $0.50(for a dip)
Chocolate covered peppermint pretzels, 4 bags for $1.00  (a treat, pure and simple)
Apple sauce for apple butter, 2 jars at 46 ounces each for $3.00(Mike's request)
Breakfast thins  $0.50 (for Mike to take hunting)
Pastry thins  $0.89(pure and simple treat)
Garam marsala $0.99(learning to cook Indian food)
Thai noodle bowls, 2 for $1.58 (quick and easy meal)
Croutons .$0.25(for Mike's salads)
Good Season Italian 4 pack for$1.99 (only one there and great to marinade)
Dried cranberries, 5for  $3.25(Christmas baking and gifts)
Crema, 2 for $0.98(good to replace cream in recipes)
1 dog food and 3 cat food for the shelter for $8.96

Grand Total:  52.02

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