Saturday, December 15, 2018

Buying and Eating: December 1-15

In December we have $381.61 to work with.  We are using the government's thrifty number of $12.31/ dday or $6.15 / person/day to cover groceries and meals out.  We also have accumulated a cushion of $928.50 ytd and $1411.58 over the last two years.

What We Ate:  leftover nachos; freezer leftover creamy couscous, green bean casserole, cottage cheese; noodles, turkey, peas, and mashed potatoes with fruit; beef and bean burritos, spicy corn and fresh fruit; liver and onions mashed potatoes; macaroni and cheese; pepperoni balls with marinara sauce; shrimp stir fry with rice; beef stew; turkey noodle soup, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit; shrimp stirfry;  beef stew;  roasted pork, rice casserole; ribs;  tuna chowder and egg salad sandwich;  fried rice and spinach salad, steam carrots and broccoli

What We Bought:

Aldi:  sugar (16 lbs for baking), flour, cider (2 for vinegar), lemon juice, French Onion dip, cottage cheese, salad greens, chips (5), pretzels (2), saltine cracker. $21.83

Salvage:  coffee(12), Mac and cheese (6), crackers (3), dill weed, garam marsala, mint dipped pretzels (4),  applesauce for Apple butter (2), pastry thins, breakfast bars, cranberries (2), crema (2)   $40.42

Price Rite:  cheese (3), fresh garlic (4), oil (gal), eggs (3), pumpkin cheerios  $ 14.00

Aldi:  baking soda. $0.35

Wal-Mart:  cocktail sauce, canned biscuits (2), pretzels. $9.33

Butcher:  processing fee for deer  $80

 Aldi:  cherries (2), blue cheese (3), pretzels, fresh spinach, sugar, stuffing mix (4)  $16.91

Whole Foods Co-op:  spices (8), green dot beans (2)  $10.38

Giant Eagle:  Snapple tea  FREE with coupon

Tops:  bananas (3 lb), brownie mix (3)   $3.52

Total for Groceries:  $176.74  The cost of processing the venison really drove the number up.

Eating Out:

Christmas lunch with girls. $9.00
Lunch with Angela. $9.98
Mike lunches while hunting .$15.44

Total for Eating Out:  $34.42

Grand Total:  $211.16

We have $170.45 of the monthly allotment for the next two weeks.

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