Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Save Energy, Save Money, Save Mother Earth

A lot of money saving habits are good for the planet, too.  And, that's why we continue to do them long after they are strictly necessary.

For example, we have a gas stove.  Although the oven pilot light is always on, Mike has turned off the burner pilot lights.  It's estimated that each pilot light would burn about 8 therms of gas per month, at about $1.50 per therm, or $10.50 /month.  We have two burner pilot lights so we save 16 therms of gas and $21.00/month.  Per year that comes to 192 therms and $252.00.  I can do something with that.

I also hang all my clothes to dry.  I average 5 loads/ week or 260 loads/ year.  Each load averages 3.3 kwh.  The cost of a kwh is about 11 cents.  That means my 260 load would cost me $ 28.60 to dry.  The money really isn't worth it, but not to use the 856 kwh of fossil fuel generated electricity is, to me.

What choices/ changes can you make to save energy and help Mother Earth?

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