Friday, November 2, 2018

Buying and Eating: October 16-31

Remaining monthly budget:  $207.73

What We Ate:
Mooshu, salad, strawberries; pork roast, salad, cottage cheese, sauerkraut
The end of low carb!
Chicken a la king over biscuits with salad;  Mexican pizza with guacamole;  leftover smorgasbord; ribs, augratin potatoes, green soy beans, cheese bread; creamy rice with spinach, mushrooms and chicken, fresh pears, croissants;  curried hot turkey salad, curried potatoes, lentil pancakes;  grilled pork chops, stuffing, fried green tomatoes, pears with bleu cheese;  grilled brats with onions and peppers, baked beans and potato chips; leftover smorgasbord;  tuna chowder, tomato bread, fruit crisp; pizza from the freezer; leftovers;  dry rub grilled ribs, baked beans, stovetop stuffing
What We Bought:
Aldi:  Spaetzle,  pears, sugar .$5.87

Aldi:  mushrooms (2)  $1.78

Price Rite:  tuna (6), pasta, spaghetti sauce, fresh cilantro for guacamole, cream cheese (3)  $ 9.47

Commissary at Dover:  baby back ribs (4 lbs @ $1/ lb), toaster pastries (RV treat), soy sauce (1/2 gal.), curry paste (4), dark cocoa, baking powder, brown sugar, cheese (2 lbs), 2 hard rolls, bleu cheese, everything bagels  $33.99

Commissary at Fort Meade:  honey buns (treat), dry milk, cornmeal, olives (2), pretzels (3), egg noodles, Apple fritters (treat), grape leaves, dry garbanzo beans. $37.51

Total Groceries:  $88.82

Eating Out:

Mike's Lunch .$1.61
Joyce's Birthday Lunch. $20.65
Breakfast with Dad:  $21.86
Lunch with Ginger. $10.00
Lunch with Meg:  $15.00

Total Meals Out:  $69.12

Grand Total for Two Weeks:  $157.74

Amount Added to Cushion:  $49.99

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